What if Quicksilver Ran Past You?

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Basics of Aerothermodynamics

Interstellar Shock Waves

Critical Point (Thermodynamics)

Analyzing Sonic Boom Footprints

Sonic Boom (Because of Quicksilver’s mach cone angle, the shock wave would trail behind him not creating a very large noise – take this image but replace the shockwave with the visual in the video)


Speed of Push is the Speed of Sound (How Much Does a Shadow Weigh)

Human Eye & FOV (Can We See the ISS with the Naked Eye?)

BONUS FACT: The air resistance acting on Quicksilver would be the same as dragging half a blue whale behind him. He’d be burning the energy equivalent of 30% of what the Space Shuttle used to launch into orbit.


Written, Directed, Edited & Hosted by Jake Roper

VFX and Cinematography by Eric Langlay

Detective Matthew “Baby Snake” Santoro played by Matthew Santoro

Gonzo performed by David Goelz

Rizzo and Beaker performed by Steve Whitmire

Constantine performed by Matt Vogel

Muppets Script Advisor: Jim Lewis

Physics Advisor: Dr. Martin Archer (http://twitter.com/martinarcher)

Camera Operator: Justin Teichen

1st Assistant Camera: Dylan Cashbaugh

Sound Recordist: Matt Thompson

Sound Designer: Jay Pellizzi

BTS Producer: Vanessa Hill

Production Assistant: Josh Salisbury

Special Thanks to Kris Eber, Samantha Friedman, Mike Zwahlen, Michael Watson, Disney, The Muppets, YouTube Space LA, Man With a Cam, Dan Borrero, Nathan Kitada, Lucy Kitada, Kimberly Wiethorn, David Dangler, Michael Hundgen, Courtney Chow, Mahin Ibrahim, and thank YOU for watching.


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