Are Rocket Jumps Possible?

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TV Tropes Rocket Jump Article: http://goo.gl/mqJA0

Freddie W Rocket Jump Video: http://goo.gl/Yr3c0

RPG-7 Army Training Guide: http://goo.gl/NO4iE

High Jump World Record Video: http://goo.gl/EpVFL

More info on Blast Waves: http://goo.gl/vn5aZ

Footage from Bomb Tests: http://goo.gl/bOrDi

xkcd’s What If?: http://goo.gl/nVciC

What Acceleration Would Kill You?: http://goo.gl/Et47c

Rocket Belt Footage: http://goo.gl/bR6iU

George Dyson’s amazing TED talk: http://goo.gl/td3wx

Cassini Video of Saturn: http://goo.gl/Da4u4

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