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My first attempts with a new cologne would be to just apply it and wait for a comment. We have busy lives so often she wouldn’t say anything. If one reached out and grabbed her attention (I try to apply only enough for her to smell me when she’s close… not like a high school boy who pours it on) I knew it was an interesting scent to her. I tried to be honest, so many times I would wear one an entire day without a single comment from her. That was pretty hard to do because I was hungry for data. Sometimes if the mood was right and we were getting ready or something I’d casually ask what she thought about a certain fragrance. She’s conducted serious biological research projects before so she understood all along the importance of the data set.

Some colognes I only tried once because it was obvious one of us hated it. Others were kind of in the “whatever” region. Those I would often try multiple times. Some she really liked one day, but not another. Those took multiple tries to weed out.

Often I would go without wearing anything, or perhaps my old aftershave just to make sure she wasn’t gaming the system. The first or second day or so I realized that if she knew the names of the colognes it DRASTICALLY influenced her opinions. That just goes to show you how powerful marketing is on our perceptions.

At some points she got confused because she couldn’t tell if I was re-wearing something I had tried earlier. For example, she became a bit self conscious about whether or not she had already told me she liked one… I could tell she was trying to give me consistent answers, but I kept shifting it up so much I filtered out all her attempts to game the data.

I also noticed that if I wore one that she complimented or mentioned without being prompted.

In the end, I’m really happy with what we chose. It’s light and a bit sweet, but still has swagger to it. I fancy myself a manly man, and I think she likes that about me. If you want to try to pull the answer out of her, I’m sure she would get a kick out of that. Tweet her at and see if you can talk her out of the answer. If you’re a normal supporter, PM me on Patreon and I’ll tell you the result.

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