How to Measure to a MILLIONTH of an Inch (The Dawn of Precision) – Smarter Every Day 206

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Read about Joseph Whitworth

Surface Plates

Whitworth Rifle:

Checkout “Machine Thinking”. At the moment this video was published he had 77k subscribers. I predict much more if he continues to make such high quality content.

Huge thanks to The New Tennessee State Museum. They just opened, and when I rolled up in with a camera they were incredibly gracious and open minded. They’re trying to figure out twitter and I’d like to help them. Click here to tweet them and say thank you on my behalf: It will make them happy and increase the odds that they’ll work with me on a future project involving history.

Preston Bain owns and found the “Whitworth hex drop”. He sells actual artifacts from the US Civil War out of Brentwood, TN.

Mike Potucek ( is the gentleman who re-engineered and created the replica Whitworth Cannon.


The Phantom cameras I used:
The Smarter Every day v2511:
I borrowed a v2640 from Vision Research for the wide shot

A special thanks to Keith from the Royal Society for providing a couple of images from Goodeve & Shelley’s book on the Whitworth measuring machine, 1877. Checkout the Objectivity YouTube channel here:

I recommend this video from Machine Thinking:
I recommend this video:

A special thanks to Keith at my local Auto Parts store for letting me film in his bolt bin area.


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