Our Ignorance About Gravity

Thanks to the Heising Simons Foundation ( for their support of this video, and of short range gravity research.

This video is about how little we know about the behavior of gravity at short length and distance scales, what the constraints are on the inverse square law/Newton’s law of universal gravitation, at the human and microscopic and atomic scales. Only on solar system scales or larger do we have good constraints on Newton’s law of gravitation.


Review of short-range gravity experiments in the LHC era

Zeptonewton force sensing with nanospheres in an optical lattice

Large extra dimensions

Search for Screened Interactions Associated with Dark Energy Below the 100 μm Length Scale

Tests of the Gravitational Inverse-Square Law below the Dark-Energy Length Scale

Photon Mass Experiment

Torsion balance experiments: A low-energy frontier of particle physics
E.G. Adelberger, J.H. Gundlach, B.R. Heckel, S. Hoedl, S. Schlamminger

E.G. Adelberger, B.R. Heckel, and A.E. Nelson
Annu. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 2003. 53:77–121 doi: 10.1146/annurev.nucl.53.041002.110503

Physical Review A, Vol 33, No 1: Improved result for the accuracy of Coulomb’s law: A review of the Williams, Faller, and Hill experiment.
Lewis P. Fulcher.

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