What if Superman Punched You?

Gain more muscle with AsapSCIENCE: http://bit.ly/11ikJxw
Subscribe! It’s Free: http://bit.ly/15NrBqa

DC Superman Wiki: http://goo.gl/qBltO

Wolfram Alpha is the greatest tool on the internet: http://goo.gl/nk1pX

Largest Nuclear Bomb: http://goo.gl/P85QC

Article on how the brain puts together an image: http://goo.gl/FPGjW

Amazing photos of the initial nuclear explosion: http://goo.gl/KoMdU

Archive footage of nuclear tests: http://goo.gl/KEkbi

More footage of nuclear tests: http://goo.gl/tAunk

Duck and Cover video: http://goo.gl/AZcUO

Great video about particle acceleration and quark-gloun particles: http://goo.gl/TxCCi

The awesome Jefferson Lab: http://goo.gl/h8PeX

Nuke Map: http://goo.gl/KMQP3

Thanks to NYU Professor of Physics Kyle Cranmer (also works on the LHC!) and UMN Professor of Physics Jim Kakalios for discussing this topic with me! http://goo.gl/oHYna

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