Is The Alcubierre Warp Drive Possible? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Is mankind capable of achieving warp speed?

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Inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, physicist Miguel Alcubierre set out to transform one of the cornerstones of science fiction iconography, the Warp Drive, into reality. But is it even possible? Can we “warp” the fabric of reality so that we can break the speed of light? And why is NASA actually exploring this potentiality? Join Matt on this week’s episode to learn the physics of what’s physically possible!

“What Happens At The Edge of the Universe”:



Renato Grigoli (Chopin)




Un Disclosed

Simon Martin



Alcubierre 1994

Krasnikov 1995

Van Den Broeck 1999

Krasnikov 2002

Harold White, Warp Field Mechanics 101

Harold White, Warp Field Mechanics 102


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