Are Helicopters Gyroscopes? – Smarter Every Day 48

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The wizard pilot is Carl Groover
Carl’s Youtube channel is here:

Sarah Xu created the awesome time-lapse intro.

Start here:
Want to learn more and get lost on Wikipedia?
Here’s a page with lots of words.

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❓Mystery Item (just for fun):
Things I use and like:
?Camera I use :
Favorite Lens:
On-camera Mic:
Lav Mic:
Hot shoe mount for Lav Receiver:
My Tripod:
My Multi-tool:
Favorite SD Card:
?How I get footage off my phone:
Travel Tripod:
My Backpack:
My Headlamp:
Favorite Bidet:
World Map:
Favorite Shoes:
Everyone needs a snatchblock:
?Goggle Up! :

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