Why Are We Like This? | How Social Media Ripped Apart a Generation

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Studies on Social Media and Empathy:

The Damage Social Media Does on Empathy

Social Media and Neurological Disruption During Development:

Facebook and Depression:

Dopamine Addiction:

Former Facebook Exec. Talking at Sandford:

44% deletion statistic:


Intro – Oren Lavie – locked in a room

1:04 Blue States – Alight Here.

2:32 Valotihkuu – Sleeping In Wildflower Meadow

3:22 Nanobyte – Honour

5:01 GALIMATIAS & SORROW – Subside

5:42 Dusky – Ingrid Is A Hybrid (Original Mix)

6:30 Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

7:57 Hyphex – Fading Light

9:20 Nova Nova – See

11:06 Blue States – Vision Trail

12:41 Burn Water (Dagogo Altraide) – Never Lose Sight

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