Why aren’t plants black? ?

Why are plants green? Is there a reason plants evolved to be green, globally? What does it have to do with the color of the sunlight coming down through our atmosphere?

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Creator: Dianna Cowern
Editor: Jabril Ashe
Hamburger eater: Jabril Ashe
Colorful Planet Artist: Ashley Warner

Thanks to: Dan Walsh, Kyle Kitzmiller, Joe Hanson and Kyle Norby


Black Nigrescens Plant: With permission from Loree Bohl,
Green Nigrescens Plant:
With permission from © Davis Landscape Architecture, London, UK

Solar spectrum adapted from:

Chlorophyll spectrum adapted from:

The Functional Significance of Black-Pigmented Leaves: Photosynthesis, Photoprotection and Productivity in Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’
Functional evolution of photochemical energy
transformations in oxygen-producing organisms

Evolutionary Competition Between Primitive Photosynthetic Systems: Existence of an early purple Earth?…209.0605S

A Compilation of Selected Data on Solar Radiation at Sea Level

Green Light Drives CO2 Fixation Deep Within Leaves

Green Light Drives Leaf Photosynthesis More Efficiently than Red Light in Strong White Light: Revisiting the Enigmatic Question of Why Leaves are Green

The sensitivity of the human eye to different colors

Music: APM

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