How the Edge of Our Galaxy Defies Known Physics

How is it possible that you can’t see 95% of the universe? The edge of our milky way defies known physics, so physicists are using the LHC at CERN to search for Dark Matter.

Dianna Cowern from Physics Girl visited CERN and spoke to theoretical physicists about Dark Matter.

Why this stuff costs $2700 Trillion per gram: (Antimatter at CERN)

Creator and Writer – Dianna Cowern
Research – Sophia Chen, Imogen Ashford
Editor/Videography – Levi Butner
Thanks: CERN, Dorota Grabowska, Loic Bommersbach, Sarah Charley, Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi, Heather Dewis

Special thanks to our Sally Ride patrons: Alejandro Gutierrez, Brian O’Connell, Darkbit, Dave Butler, Edi, Fabrice Eap, Henning Bitsch, Kenneth Hunter, Margaux Lopez, and Rishi Dixit.
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Galactic rotation curves:

Searching for Dark Matter with ATLAS (at CERN)

The Day the World Didn’t End (NASA)

Vera Rubin

MOND Papers…270..365M

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