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Jonathan Haidt on Why We’re Convinced We’re Right (and everyone else is wrong!)

Are you trapped in an online echo chamber? Society is becoming ever more divided as we seek out information that reinforces our views – but how do we avoid ending up dogmatic and entrenched? Renowned social psychologist Jonathan Haidt shares a shocking personal example of confirmation bias on social media, and shows just how vital it is for us to open up and absorb ideas from across the political spectrum.

Voice: Jonathan Haidt, Social Psychologist
Animation: Sophie Koko Gate
Sound effects: Skillbard
Producer: Abi Stephenson

Extracted from a free talk given at the RSA in London, 2017. Watch the full talk here: https://youtu.be/nUNmUtZYwNo

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See Haidt’s heterodoxacademy.org and viewpointdiversity.org for more on how to puncture your own filter bubble!

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