Tom Scott

A Questionable Experiment in Motion Sickness

Go see William Osman’s video about building the car! – and thanks to Michael Reeves for being a guinea pig:

We built a car that you drive with real-life video game lag, and used it for an ill-advised, mostly-unscientific experiment about motion sickness.

In case it wasn’t obvious: we did this in a private area away from public roads and other traffic, and I insisted on more safety checks than William and Michael would normally have. Don’t try this unless you’re doing the same!

Edited by Elliot Gough
Audio mix by Graham Haerther


Treisman, M. (1977). Motion sickness: an evolutionary hypothesis. Science, 197(4302), 493-495. doi: 10.1126/science.301659

Spinks, R. (2018). We still don’t understand motion sickness, but it’s likely to get worse in the digital age. Retrieved from

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