Beer Arcade and More!! — 9bit #1

*MATH UPDATE: It should be ~160 Empire State Buildings NOT 13. I played too much beercade before making this episode 🙁 *

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Vsauce3 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/10FyOKb

WesterosCraft (0:08)
Footage of WesterosCraft: http://goo.gl/AYDkg
Game of Blocks Series: http://goo.gl/C99Wr
WesterosCraft Website: http://goo.gl/FDmBh

E.T. the Game (0:42)
Atari 2600 Commercial: http://goo.gl/a1QFe
E.T. Commercial: http://goo.gl/4FzXY
E.T. Commercial #2: http://goo.gl/iNf7l
E.T. Gameplay: http://goo.gl/qj85Z
Cool discussion about the video game landfill: http://goo.gl/VGoij

30 Years of Gaming (1:28)
eBay listing: http://goo.gl/tULmq
Itemized list PDF: http://goo.gl/pLGP3
Image gallery of items: http://goo.gl/7LsAa

Syrian Games (1:53)
Syrian Games Website (Looks like we took it down): http://goo.gl/pdOXK
More Game Covers: http://goo.gl/2KumA

Foxfoxwaltz (2:18)
Deviant Art: http://goo.gl/glWau
Build Gallery for Last Guardian: http://goo.gl/m4Ge3
Build Gallery for Colossus: http://goo.gl/Sv7BP
Build Gallery for Cat Bus: http://goo.gl/0XZAY

World Record Video Game Marathon (2:39)
News Report: http://goo.gl/5DXHk
Interesting article about video game addiction: http://goo.gl/YI9F1

John Dreamer (2:59)
YouTube Channel: http://goo.gl/mdooG
Assassin’s Creed 3 song: http://goo.gl/3p96Q

Beercade (3:18)
Promo Video: http://goo.gl/4Ihni

Augmented Reality Game (3:36)
Website: http://goo.gl/NMyej
Full Video: http://goo.gl/mlqG8

*Extra bit*
Skyrim Chicken Explosion: http://goo.gl/fuOGG

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