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What can you trust in Spacetime?
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Last time we talked about what curvature means, looked at geodesics, great circles on spheres, and tried to understand the notion of “straightness”. This week on Spacetime, we take a detour into how geometry works in spacetime. Get excited, because this episode is even more mind-bending than the last!

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Extra Credit:
Overview of Special Relativity and spacetime:

Brian Greene’s introduction to special relativity (thanks to viewer Mark G for pointing out these courses!) (no math) (more math)

Disagreement about event sequence (relativity of simultaneity):,_time_dilation_and_length_contraction#More_about_the_relativity_of_simultaneity


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Secret Society – Logical Disorder (
Movement 3 – Janne Hanhisuanto (
Philly D Jr – Patternbased (
Earth Breath – Human Terminal (…)
Deep Blue – Janne Hanhisuanto (
Saw Slicing – Patternbased (
Heisse Luft – Thompson and Kuhl (
miracle – slow (
Tropico de Tauro – Sr. Aye

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