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A number of galactic proportions… See more #MegaFavNumbers on this playlist – – and read below to contribute your own.
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See our full collection of video on the sum of three cubes at:

(*) the cube (which we depicted quite loosely and artistically, of course) would in all likelihood collapse to form a black hole because of the incredible mass contained with the radius

This video was part of the MegaFavNumbers collaboration between Math YouTubers celebrating favourite numbers bigger than one million.
Make a video about YOUR favourite mega-number. Upload your videos to YouTube with the hashtag #MegaFavNumbers and with MegaFavNumbers in the title, and your video will be added to the megafavnumbers playlist.
Submissions close Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020.


Thanks to Prof Mike Merrifield for some discussion on this topic.

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