Spaceships pushed by LIGHT – the future of space travel?

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What if you could power a ship using sunlight instead of wind? Well in space, you can! Solar sails or light sails are pushed with light from the sun. Photons provide a kick when they reflect off the sail pushing the sail like an air molecule in the wind pushes a sailboat. Find out how a solar sail works and about the future of this technology!


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Host/editor: Dianna Cowern

Writer: Sophia Chen
Editor: Jabril Ashe –
Animator: Kyle Norby

LightSail – Planetary Society

FASTSAT NanoSail-D Launch – NASA:

Optical Tweezes Footage – Dr Luis Grave De Petralta:

IKAROS drawing – Andrzej MIrecki:

Music: APM and YouTube

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