Can you take perfect 3D photos?

3D movies and TV are is increasing in popularity, but is any of it truly 3D? How true is the 3D in movie theaters? How do glassess-less 3D TVs work? Try catching a ball with one eye closed. If you find it easy, try having the ball thrown a couple of feet in front of you, or from further away. It becomes increasingly difficult when the throw is off.

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Thank you to Greg Kestin for helping to research and write this script!

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Hugo Trailer:
Tupac Footage:

Videography: Forbidden Kingdom Digital, Cathy Cowern and Kyle Kitzmiller –
Editing: Dianna Cowern and Forbidden Kingdom Digital
Holographic Video Credit: Melanie Gonick/MIT News

Michael Miller – ‪
YouTube – “On the Bach,” “Path to Follow”
Apple – “Galleria Medium”

More Resources on regaining Stereoscopic vision:

Stock Images: Pixabay

Driving Footage: Depock/MTSX ‪

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