Bullet Block Experiment Result

Click here for the explanation:
Spinning Tube:
Spinning Disk:
Chain Drop:

Special Thanks to:
Henry (MinutePhysics):
Destin (Smarter Every Day):
Greg and Mitch (ASAP Science):
Elise Andrew (I F***ing Love Science):

Thanks to everyone at RIT and Dickinson College who helped with the making of this video:
Rochester Institute of Technology
Robert Teese, Katelyn Wilkerson, Andrew Gillie, Andrew Stidwill

Dickinson College
This experiment was the brainchild of David Jackson based on a demo at Princeton.
Priscilla Laws, Catrina Hamilton-Drager, Maxine Willis

High-speed camera support:
Charles Zwemer and Bria Antoine

Music Licensed from The Temper Trap “Love Lost”
Lights Motion “Epilogue”

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