Math Problem From Russia’s Prime Minister

Recently Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin visited 11th grade students (about 17-18 years old) and asked them a challenging geometry problem. Can you figure it out?

I came across this puzzle in Alex Bellos’s column on The Guardian. He has a new book that I wanted to share titled “The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book.” I read a review copy of the math puzzles chapter and it was very fun to work out the puzzles. Links to the book and other work by Alex Bellos below ⬇⬇⬇

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*I am very curious how many people will read this comment and check out the book. If this is something people are interested in, I will definitely feature books and resources in future videos. But I need data to know for sure. The link includes code to keep track of how many people click on it and also buy the book. This is an experiment, so if you are not interested and think it will ruin the channel, do let me know that too by replying to this comment. Anyway, enough of that…back to solving the world’s problems, one video at a time 😉

Alex Bellos’s column on The Guardian
Alex Bellos website

ICM 2022
The Guardian (Alex Bellos’ puzzle column)


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