Should you go to Mars? ft Bill Nye

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Would you take a trip to Mars knowing the risks? What if it were a one way trip? Should we colonize Mars? I took a trip over to the Planetary Society to meet with CEO and Science Guy, Bill Nye to discuss the potential for future human travel and exploration to Mars.

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Creator: Dianna Cowern
Editor: Jabril Ashe
Animator: Kyle Norby
Researcher: Sophia Chen

Space footage: NASA

“Evidence for an ancient martian ocean in the topography of deformed shorelines”
Olympus Mons Colored image: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio, and Virginia Butcher (SSAI)

Thanks to the Planetary Society and Bill Nye!

Music: APM and YouTube
“Quirky Affairs”
“Fishes Waltz”
“Built Together Marimba”
“Expectant View”
“Moments Musicaux Op 94 3”
“On the Bach” (YouTube)

Sound Effects: APM

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