I Visited the First Gravitational Wave Detector! LIGO | STELLAR

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We’ve been waiting to verify the existence of Gravitational Waves for over 100 years and I actually got to go to LIGO to see exactly how they proved it!

I know, this video is a bit different from most Physics Girl videos. It’s part of a new PBS miniseries called Stellar, done in collaboration with Matt O’Dowd from @PBSSpacetime and Joe Hanson from @It’sOkayToBeSmart. Over six episodes we travel to telescopes, go inside space research centers, and chat with amazing scientists. Next up is Joe’s episode where he visits one of the telescopes that was part of world-spanning Event Horizon Telescope.

Check out the other episodes in this series:
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You’ll be able to see future episodes on the Physics Girl, Space Time and It’s Okay to be Smart YouTube channels, as well as the PBS Digital Studios Facebook page.

Stellar is a part of the PBS Summer of Space. They’ll be lots of awesome space related content all summer long on PBS. See what’s happening at

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Special Thanks to Michael Landry, Amber Strunk, and the whole LIGO Hanford team for all their help making this episode.

Hosted by Dianna Cowern
Written by: Sophia Chen, Dianna Cowern, Andrew Kornhaber, Eric Brown
Directed by: Eric Brown and Andrew Kornhaber
Producer: Randa Eid
Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
Sound: Theodore Kinney
Production Assistant: Alexander Robino
Editing: Pavel Ezrohi
Graphics: Murilo Lopes
Assistant Editing: Daniel Sircar
Produced By: Kornhaber Brown

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