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A 6’28” version of our “Pi with Pies” calculation.
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Videos features Matt Parker who tweets at

The Pi-inspired music in the video explained:

Our full collection of Pi videos at

While the pies are usually delicious, this batch was not for consumption (even by hungry students, for those who suggested it!) but we feel they were used in a fun way to make people think about mathematics – perhaps some people who would not otherwise take an interest… To mark Pi Day we instead donated £314 to a local charity which helps feed people in crisis.

If you’d like to make a donation, here are some suggestions:

Matt is a supporter of Depaul UK, helping young homless people. You can donate through their website:

Numberphile’s donation was to a local group which does not have online donation facilities.

However here are some other options…


Contact us with any others you’d like on the list!

Numberphile also raises money for cancer research if you’d prefer – donate here:

Special thanks to Pukka Pies (for the pies), Notts Country FC (for hosting us) and the football channel Copa90 (for helping us out) – – plus James Hennessy for being second camera!

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