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The bridge that must legally wobble

“Daly’s Bridge”, in Cork, Ireland, is better known as the Shakey Bridge. Because it shakes. But what happens when a bridge like that has to be repaired and refurbished? • Thanks to Cllr McCarthy: his site is !

Edited by Dave Stevenson

A thorough study of how the Bridge shakes: [PDF]

I did try (a lot!) to get an interview with someone from RPS Group, who were in charge of the refurbishment, but I just wasn’t able to make contact. However, I’m indebted to Michael Minehane, principal engineer, whose talk to Engineers Ireland gives a lot of in-depth information about the bridge was refurbished! You can watch it here, along with Cllr McCarthy’s history of the bridge:

Thanks to Youssuf Radwan for the suggestion!

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