I PikaChoose You! — Game LÜT #19

WATCH LÜT ON VSAUCE2: http://bit.ly/1cc7urT
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagr.am/jakerawr

Sega Mega Drive Bag: http://goo.gl/tJMYhS

Lightsaber Pen: http://goo.gl/wH83AO

Made to Order Half-Life Leather Notebook: http://goo.gl/7Ccwhc

Contra Christmas Sweater Shirt: http://goo.gl/Rk3mxE

Video Game Holiday Cards: http://goo.gl/Pk4L9Y

Legend of Zelda Ornaments: http://goo.gl/OOlqp0

Animal Crossing Ornament: http://goo.gl/BLEAvX

Controller Ornaments: http://goo.gl/ZZY5kn

DIY Lego Question Block Ornament: http://goo.gl/XVVikI

Mario Star Tree Topper/Lamp: http://goo.gl/03pMgh

Mahogany PS4 Skin: http://goo.gl/ALFo8R

Evil Controllers: http://goo.gl/b0hj2v

NES Controller Overlays: http://goo.gl/P80KVD

Custom Painted N64 Bundles: http://goo.gl/RlTuf3

DIY 3D Printed Xbox One and Kinect: http://goo.gl/AoXbR2

Arcade Coffee Tables: http://goo.gl/gHyjBe

Pixel Poker Cards: http://goo.gl/KGx5K1

Streets of Rage Shirt: http://goo.gl/Hv5XQ6

Minecraft Papercraft Sets: http://goo.gl/ksDrhX

Art Prints from FanGamer: http://goo.gl/bfrJDx

Sega Genesis iPhone Case: http://goo.gl/s6p3WQ

Pokéball Engagement Ring: http://goo.gl/vCc6lk

BioShock Undertow Vigor Replica: http://goo.gl/HgznxG

d20 Ice Mold: http://goo.gl/ljef5A

Animal Crossing Socks: http://goo.gl/Aq0sCO

Leauge of Legends Shoes: http://goo.gl/NP97kr

Duck Hunt Boxers: http://goo.gl/kflxbz

TF2 Pyro Sweater: http://goo.gl/w3655P

Rogue X-Men Shirt: http://goo.gl/2OLhOk

Adventure Time Leggings: http://goo.gl/DTGYjW

Batman Skirt: http://goo.gl/xrQbbM

Majora’s Mask Dress: http://goo.gl/kqgz36

Video Game Controller Arm Warmers: http://goo.gl/wzdKSz

Nuka Cola Earrings: http://goo.gl/gNNz8F

3D Printed Gato: http://goo.gl/1bBE8A

Halo Spartan Figure: http://goo.gl/46A7T9

Superhero Prints by Alex Pardee: http://goo.gl/a75s8t

Dragon Age Mabari Plushie: http://goo.gl/0LR8LA

Super Mario Cookies: http://goo.gl/X4gKxZ

Pokémon Red Trainer Hoodie: http://goo.gl/dgxnNe


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