Could We Save in Real Life?

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Collection of tampered photos: http://goo.gl/6urBkA

Nikolai Yezhov: http://goo.gl/CzemQs

Star Wars Wiki on Han Shot First: http://goo.gl/zZUY7Y

Great Motherboard Doc on Monkey Head Transplant: http://goo.gl/IiZy9Q

Transplanting a human head: http://goo.gl/86O4Gq

Reconstructing Brain Activity: http://goo.gl/NSgwQ3

Pareidolia subreddit: http://goo.gl/bGFdkK

Patrick Liddell’s 1000 Video experiment: http://goo.gl/6EFShM

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus’s book “The Myth of Repressed Memory”: http://goo.gl/vcIFLa

The Door Study: http://goo.gl/PSTjjt

The Invisible Gorilla test: http://goo.gl/gxdVbU

Elephants on Acid: http://goo.gl/xGQR4p

Cat Brain Experiment: http://goo.gl/srNzqo

Game Theory Assassin’s Creed Episode: http://goo.gl/ws6oXq

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