Where Are All the Baby Pigeons?

Ever wondered why you never see a baby pigeon strutting down a city street? Join host Bethel Afful as she unpacks this Big Question.

Image Credits:

Baby pigeon (Fernando Trabanco Fotografía)
Adult pigeon (Ian Bray / EyeEm)
Briefcase (Yevgen Romanenko)
Hat (Yevgen Romanenko)
Brick nest (Bernd Haake / EyeEm)
Bridge nest (Catherine McQueen)
Cute pigeon (sandra standbridge)
Parent and squab (KhunaspixSuriya / 500px)
Ducklings (© Santiago Urquijo)
Pigeon eating (Luis Diaz Devesa)
Milk (Maren Caruso)
Pigeon (by Abraham Blanco)
Feeding (KhunaspixSuriya / 500px)
Flock (Ali Majdfar)
Young pigeon (Eko Prasetyo)
Digestive tract (Dorling Kindersley)
Regurgitated food (Swasti Verma / 500px)
Hatched squabs (Veena Nair)
Lease (Peter Dazeley)
Greeting card (Ilona Titova / EyeEm)


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