Rube Goldberg WITH FIRE TORNADO! – Smarter Every Day 17

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Are you a thinker? Please consider subscribing. We designed, built, and ran this fire-based Rube Goldberg in 36 hours.

Sorry to dissapoint, it’s just an air tank. Fire extinguishers were EVERYWHERE just in case. I’ll show more in the setup videos, which are uploading now.

The sequence of events is as follows:
Remote Control Vacuum cleaner is turned on
Fire tornado increases vorticity, thus raises in height
Cannon fuse is lit by fire tornado
Fuze breaks link holding up hammer
Hammer falls, pulling string
String pull trigger on Rifle
Rifle fires bullet across table and strikes matches
Matches light and ignite another fuze
Fuze lights gunpowder transfer tray
Gunpowder lights rocket
Rocket lights gasoline
Gasoline ignites 2 rockets and 2 Roman Candles
Rockets ignite Bonfire and fireworks

A buddy of mine from Canada did the music. He’s pretty sharp with the tunes and can crank out customized songs pretty quickly. If you’re interested here’s how to get in touch with him:

Music written and recorded by A Shell in the Pit–
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