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How England’s Oldest Road Was Nearly Lost Forever

[UPDATE: This video has an important update! As of February 2022, the deadline for paths has been cancelled. The mapping still continues, and there’s still a plan to have a definitive map, but old rights of way will no longer be wiped: ] The Icknield Way, in south-east England, is a road and footpath that’s been part of the landscape for millennia. But if parts of it hadn’t been legally marked down, then those parts would have become private land, gone forever. Who has the right to walk where?

The Ramblers’ Don’t Lose Your Way project: – and the crowdfunding page for the project :

“Stories of landowners”: John Andrews’ “From A Wild Frontier to the Promised Land”, which is worth a read:

Filmed safely: see for details

Edited by Michelle Martin:

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