Are perpetual motion machines possible?

A wheel that spins forever; a bird that never quenches its thirst; a clock that never stops ticking, an endless source of free energy. These are but the dreams of inventors striving to make perpetual motion machines, machines that can work forever without any energy input. Are these machines possible without violating the laws of physics? No.

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Unbalanced wheel designed, laser cut and assembled by engineer Kyle Kitzmiller –

Writer: Sophia Chen
Editors: Jabril Ashe and Dianna Cowern
Host: Dianna Cowern

Weather footage: NASA Goddard

Zimara’s Windmill drawing: Burton Lee Potterveld

Cox’s Timepiece drawing – Mr. Cox’s Perpetual Motion, a Prize in the Museum Lottery, single sheet, 225mm. x 174mm., full-page engraving with letterpress on verso, London, 1774. (Ex) Item 4848706

Music: APM and YouTube

Perpetual Motion Machines
Impossible Machines

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