The Food You CAN Cook In Your Body

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In my video about whether your heart is too hot to hold, I started to wonder whether your body itself could actually cook food inside it. Maybe in your mouth, maybe in your stomach, maybe in your… anyway, what can you cook with the body heat nature gave you? Believe it or not, there are options for identifying the food you can cook inside your body. Yeah, you took the question to r/askreddit, so I’m taking it seriously, because no science question is THAT stupid.

Cooking matters, and even the Italian Ice-Man Otzi was well-equipped to start and maintain fires for cooking and heating. From making food last longer and improving its taste to ensuring you don’t fill your body with bacteria and worms, heating food matters to survivability. But if pregnant moms aren’t slow-cooking their babies, how can you possibly transform food without digesting it?

Maybe you can be a steak-searing pan, but you run the risk of heat stroke and brain damage. That leaves methods like fermentation, dehydration, and flirting with human sous vide to get an edible product. And all we needed to do was invent “pass-through cooking,” which I do NOT recommend anyone actually does.

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