7 HOLES in the Space Station – Smarter Every Day 135

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There are 3 astronauts in this video:
-ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

Astronauts in space right now…. SENDING YOU PICTURES FROM THE CUPOLA.

-NASA Astronaut Don Pettit

-NASA Astronaut Butch Wilmore

Amazing photography by the incredible Dr. Don Pettit.
Don’s photos were edited and “Tronized” by Christoph Malin (Video licensed for use)

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Charlie’s Company

The following people helped me Track down Charlie Vanvalkenburgh
Logan Kennedy
Josh Moore
Andy Wayne

The following people helped track down documentation on the mechanism
Elias Myrmo
Margarita Sampson
Philippe Deloo (ESA)
Adam Kimberlin

A huge thank you to Devin Boldt and Mitch Youts for digging through the NASA archives and providing me with some awesome cupola video footage for this video!

Beautiful Outro Timelapse by Kenneth Brandon – Dark Sky Chaser Check his work out!

ISS Cupola


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