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Misinformation: false information that is spread, regardless of intent to mislead
Disinformation: deliberately misleading or biased information; manipulated narrative or facts
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Video Writer, Director, and Narrator: Julián Gustavo Gómez (@thejuliangomez)
Video Illustrator: Arcadi Garcia Rius (@garirius)
With Contributions From: Henry Reich, Alex Reich, Kate Yoshida, Ever Salazar, Peter Reich, David Goldenberg, Sarah Berman
Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:

Image Credits: Emperor penguin photo by Cristopher Michel
Macaroni penguin photo by Liam Quinn
Macaroni Penguin at Cooper Bay, South Georgia
COX-2 graphics by Cytochrome c



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Jordan Harrod –
SciShow –
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ViHart –
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