Could You Survive TITANIC?

Guest Starring
Mamrie Hart: https://www.youtube.com/user/YouDeserveADrink
Austin Evans: https://www.youtube.com/user/duncan33303

Watch the making of: https://youtu.be/5WHnX7dFmnY

Iceberg dead ahead! Sure, luck brought Jake (me) to the deck of the most prestigious ocean liner on her maiden voyage…and into the arms of the love of his life…but that luck has clearly run out. We must race to find a way off the ship while exploring buoyancy and finding out if you could survive jumping off a ship’s deck into the ocean, as well as the crushing power of hypothermia. And no journey to the heart of the ocean is complete without a thorough examination of the greatest question still plaguing the world today; could you survive if two people both laid on a floating door?

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0:00 Iceberg
1:51 Buoyancy
4:36 Jumping Into The Water
8:00 Time’s Ticking
9:59 Freezing Cold Water
15:32 Time To Spare
17:10 Room On The Door

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• The Science Of Jumping
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• Hypothermia & Thermal Equilibrium
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