MIND-BLOWING MATH DISCOVERY – Multiply Numbers By Lines Rotation Geometry

Since 2007, millions of people have watched videos on “how the Japanese multiply,” also known as “Chinese stick multiplication” or “Vedic Math.” With millions of people watching these videos, you would expect everything is known about this method. Surprisingly, there were neat tricks to be discovered! Last year I was the first person (to my knowledge) to apply the method for numbers with a digit 0 and for algebraic expressions like (x + 2)(x + 3). Here is a link to that video:

Now I have discovered another trick – you can rotate the diagram to solve even more multiplication problems! This is the first video to demonstrate a really amazing connection between arithmetic and geometry. I hope you find this worth sharing!

I wrote a book “Multiply Numbers By Drawing Lines” by request to answer many questions. Here is the origin of the book and details of its contents:

Here’s my video “Multiply Numbers By Drawing Lines” that, to my knowledge, was the first to illustrate 0-lines and algebraic expressions

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