301 Redirect : What is the impact of 301 Redirect on SEO?

What is 301 Redirect?

301 redirect is one type of redirect that is used when you are moving your website to a new domain or one page to another page without the 404 error.

In other words, 301 is one of the HTTPS Status Codes received by search engines from the server of the website every time a user sends a request.

This is an enactment of code to send your users from one URL to another automatically.

In 301 redirect search engine spiders know that the content of the site has been moved or assigned to a new URL. So search engines pass the value and link juice from the old URL to the new one.

This redirect help users to reduce errors and give the required information.

In fact, 301 redirect is the most commonly used redirect by the majority of webmasters.

Different between 301 and 302 redirect.

In addition to the 301 redirects, there is also a 302 redirect available, performing the equal functions as the 301.

However, the difference is that while 301 redirect show the permanent change of URL and the 302 redirect show the temporary change in URL.

What is the impact of 301 Redirect on SEO?

HTTPS status code 301 redirect is the best practice for Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

301 redirects tell the browser and thus also search engines that the content has been moved permanently, they allow all the benefits like link juice or link metrics to be passed from the old URL to the new one.

Redirecting broken links should be part of an ongoing SEO campaign and essential to website maintenance in general.

It prevents the existence of duplicate content.

Some SEO experts are using this redirect to manipulate their search engine ranking, but this practice can result in a penalty or ban from Google.

Why we need 301 redirects

301 redirects helpful for your website in various condition:

  • Website update or refresh requires some pages change location.
  • Search Engine Optimization campaign requires that some of your website’s URLs are changed.
  • Moving from one domain name to another.
  • Removing a page without losing the link metrics to a different page.

Some HTTPS status code categories:

  • 100s – Informational
  • 200s – Success
  • 300s – Redirection
  • 400s – Client Error
  • 500s – Server Error

HTTP Status Codes true infostar truinfo“Top 10” HTTP Status Code. More REST service-specific information is contained in the entry.

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