Adsense Approval trick: Fast Approval with 1st Attempt

Adsense Approval trick: Fast Approval with 1st Attempt

As we all know, Adsense is one of the best advertising network host by Google.
Thinking to make money with Adsense then you can also do this is very simple.
But the process of Google Adsense Approving for a new application is not that simple.

If you want Google Adsense Fast Approval with 1st Attempt, then follow the steps:

Need to have an Own Website

  • You will need to have an own website.
  • You need to use your own top-level domain like, .Com, .net, .org and .info.
  • If you are trying to set up a free website you will only allow using the hosting provider subdomain.
    For Example:
NOTE: You have a lot of chance to get approved quickly with Blogspot.
But you will not be able to use this Adsense on any other domain like .Com, .net, .org and .info. 
For that, you need to upgrade your AdSense account and apply again with a new custom domain.

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Make sure your website has a user-friendly design

  • website or Blog has a user-friendly, Responsive design.
  • Your website should be load fast (Better to load in 5 Second).
  • Your website should be mobile friendly.
  • Use Website Logo and Favicon Icons.

website has Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Us Pages

  • Privacy Page is one of the most requirement pages for Google AdSense. It tells your visitor what information you collect and how or where you operate: website, mobile app, desktop app and so on.
  • About Us Page describe what you blog all about you and your blog or website.
  • Contact Page will tell your users how they can get in touch with you.
  • Disclaimer Page: The disclaimer will help you protect your website from legal liability.

Make sure your website has original content

  • Write good quality and quantity and original content.
  • This is Most important that Your site will check manually, so write a good, unique, original, useful, long enough content.
  • Make sure your website Plagiarism is Maximum 30%.
Note: Many people get rejected even after 50+ posts and some get approved even less than 15 posts. So the quality of your post content matter.

Make sure that your website name and content are legal

  • Google Adsense will disapprove your website if it has all its contents based on spam, hate speech, graphic violence, nudity.

Have Some Good Number of Blog Posts and Traffic

  • Before applying for the Google AdSense be sure your blog has a good number of contents.
  • It means your blog should have minimum 15-20 good, high-quality posts.
  • Make sure the post length should be at least over 700 words.
  • A little 50-100 views/day is good enough at first for applying for Adsense
  • Do not need high traffic for applying for AdSense but make sure your traffic is from the legal source like social media, search engines etc.

Make Sure to Remove Other Ad Networks

If you are using other ad networks then remove all ads before applying to Google AdSense.

Make Sure Your name is real-name and age is 18+

  • AdSense only accepts those applications of bloggers who are 18+.
  • So make sure to use the correct date of birth to get Google AdSense to account approved.
  • Apply with real-name not fake name. Fill the form with the correct address in the proper format.

If Application Rejected then re-apply

  • Do not lose hope If you get rejected, check your errors, correct all and re-apply after one week.

Check This for how to Apply: What is AdSense all about: How to Use AdSense

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