How to install WordPress on localhost Xampp in Windows PC

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How to install WordPress on localhost Xampp in Windows PC

No doubt there are different types of free WordPress themes, premium WordPress themes available over the web but first getting hands settled on WordPress is the key to go ahead.

As I gone through step by step, learned more interesting stuff, I realized WordPress CMS is not only a great blogging platform but also You can design professional/business website (like news portals, E-commerce stores, Hotel booking, coupon, and so on).

There are several different ways to install WordPress depending on your needs.

The method of installing WordPress is not the same way all the time while your purpose is different.

All the ways of installing WordPress has its own purpose.

The best way to test a web design or coding skills on WordPress is “installing WordPress locally using Xampp or Wamp”.

In this Process, you will have to install WordPress manually. But without using the cPanel file manager.

Extracting the WordPress core files in the local server folder will do the trick. Let I explain to you how to install WordPress on your localhost.

Here I will install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP web server.

What is Xampp?

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server package that makes it extremely easy for developers to create a local web server for testing purposes.

It’s consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.

Full form of XAMPP :

  • X: meaning cross-platform that any of the different operating systems ( Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).
  • A: Apache (HTTP Server).
  • M: MySQL (Database).
  • P: PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor).
  • P: Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language).

Here XAMPP can help you to install your own server on localhost and host unlimited sites on it.

XAMPP is not only for host WordPress, but it also supports all other CMS systems like Joomla, Drupal.

You can use XAMPP for custom PHP and MySQL based website.

How to install WordPress on localhost

Installing WordPress on localhost is easy. Just you have to follow some easy steps mention below. You can not install WordPress on your computer directly so you need localhost.

Follow these steps to install WordPress on a Localhost:

Step 1:

Download XAMPP  from Apache Friends Website

At first, you need to download XAMPP from Apache Friends website.

XAMPP Downloads true info

step 2:

Install XAMPP on Your Computer

After downloading XAMPP, you need to click and run the installer. see all steps of  installing process:


setup xampp tru info-min



  • Select Componentsselect component xampp true info-min


  • Choose the installation folder on your pc  drive c:\xamppinstalation folder xampp true info-min


  • bitnami fo xampp trueinfo-min


  • Now you are ready to install XAMPPReady to install xampp tru info-min


  • It may take 3-4 minutes to complete the installation.
    installing xampp true info-min


  • After completing installation make sure to click finish button.finish instalation xampp true info-min


  • Now after finish installation chooses a language that you are comfortable with.choose language xampp true info-min

Step 3:

Start the Modules and Test Your Local Server

  • After install, you will get a  Contol panel.
  • Here is the Contol panel of Xampp now Start Apache and My SQL for further proceedings.


start apache and MySQL Xampp trueinfo-min

  • Now you can test that your local server is working or not by checking in your web browser http://localhost/

your web browser Xampp trueinfo


Step 4:

Download WordPress and Add the WordPress files to Xampp

To download WordPress, you need to go to and download the latest version ( Download WordPress 5.0.3) of WordPress.

Then go to the folder where you installed XAMPP. Here I install, on C://xampp.

Then, in xampp folder, you will get a subfolder htdocs.



Now create a new folder for your website in htdocs (as I have created a folder my website).

Then extract the WordPress .zip file you downloaded from into my website.


xamp folder htdocs trueinfo

Step 5:

Create a Database for WordPress on XAMPP Control Panel

Here you need to create a MySQL database for your WordPress installation.

For this, go to MySQL  Admin from your XAMPP control panel.


click admin mySQL xampp true info-min


Now create a database by click on Databases at the top on phpMyAdmin.


xampp create database-true info


Step 6:

Install WordPress Locally

To install WordPress visit your website.

Just like http://localhost/my website/

your websitesite xampp true info


Choose Language and click Continue.

When you get to the database details, enter like below.

  • Database Name – Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin (for me its trueinfodb)
  • Username – root
  • Password – leave it blank



After filling the form like above click Submit button.

Now click Run the installation, it will take some time to get install wordpress.

run the installation wordpress xampp true info

Step 7:

WordPress is Ready to Use

After all the above process your website is live on your Localhost.


website is ready-min


Now your website is ready for edit and tests your theme plugin and your costume code whatever you want.

Once you learn How to install WordPress on localhost Xampp in Windows PC for the first time, you can quickly use it for new testing sites whenever needed.


Did you like it or not?

Let us Write comments below.

Be Happy To Use WordPress on localhost  | Grow With Digital world

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