Link Juice: Applying Link Juice in SEO Strategy

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Link Juice: Applying Link Juice in SEO Strategy

Link juice is a term in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), describing the value of backlinks within a website or from one website to another.

It is referred to as the value or quality passed through hyperlinks from one webpage or website to another.

Search engines see that links as the suggestion by other websites to your site are one of the most important factors in determining your site ranking on Serch result page of Search engines.

For Google engines, Link Juice is an important factor in ranking your website on the search results page.

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How does link juice work?

Google analyzes the links that pointing to a particular webpage to decide what ranking position the webpage should be placed in Google search results for a particular keyword.

It is a technique that direct to improve rankings through internal links based on page rank or page authority, transferring credit between internal or external URLs.

NOTE: Link juice only works on Dofollow links.

Example for Getting Link Juice

Getting Link Juice from External Sites

For example, A and B both are two websites and have the same domain age and the same number of pages.


The site A link to a high authority website but the site B don’t get links with any site.

So site A rank higher in Google than site B because it has been given more link juice from an authoritative website.



Now The site B also receives 3 links from 3 site but they are from low authority website.

Having more links to site B will still not rank as highly in Google as compare to site A because the links don’t give as much authority or link juice.

Getting Link Juice from Own Website

On above I only discussed getting link juice by collecting external links from other sites.

But here if you have enough pages, then you can distribute your own link juice to your own web pages through internal linking.

link juice in SEO


Now, site B add a blog and posts articles every day for 3 months.

All the while, site B gradually gather more and more link juice by internal linking to different page and categories on its blog site.

So having less external links than site A, site B is now ranking higher in Google when people search for that keyword.

what is link juice

Applying Link Juice in Your SEO Strategy

From all this above, I made it clear that the great advantage of the application of link juice techniques is to improve rankings in Google as you have control over this strategy.

Ways to Make links

By direct effort, you can create links by guest posting, press release publishing, document sharing, social media marketing and more.

By indirect effort you can create links by promoting quality content, infographics, giveaway and more that encourages users to share your website, link the pages etc.

Best Ways to get More Link juice

  • Website or web pages that have Do followed the link to your site.
  • Get do follow links from a Pages that have content relevant to your site.
  • links from high-Rank Website.
  • Get links from a website that are popular with social media.
  • Get links from a user-generated quality content page.
  • links from Pages that have relatively few outbound links and more inbound link.

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One thing you have to know that applying link juice in SEO Strategy is important because it’s really a way to measure how people are discussing your content, website, and brand.

Therefore link juice is really important to your Google rankings.

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