Plagiarism: Impact on SEO, How to Check, Avoid Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

These days Plagiarism is a very serious issue about when it comes to publishing content on the web.

Plagiarism is the act of copying another person’s text, idea, and other creative works, presenting and passing it off as your own especially without permission.

Impact On SEO.

Plagiarism will have a bad effect on SEO affecting search engine rankings.

The last September 2016 Google Penguin Update algorithm for the Google search engine.

This algorithm is to introduced REAL TIME feature meaning the google crawler/bot can identify/recognize the authenticity of your content.

If it is plagiarized your website will be down-ranked (negative SEO impact).

When the content is already owned by someone else before then how can you publish that content using your tag? If you do that then the search engine will ban you for this.

Search engines like unique contents for indexing.

How to Check Plagiarism.

There are many Plagiarism Checker available on the Internet.

Here some best free duplicate content checker tool SEO review tools assist in finding internal and external duplicate content for a specific webpage.

You will see an instant report that this tool tells you if you have found any plagiarism content or not.

How avoid Plagiarism?

There are many ways to avoid plagiarism, here are some of them that you can use:

Unique Content

Create unique, well-written content to attract user and boost organic SEO traffic from Search engine.

SEO rankings are the face of your business.


“when using quotes the words should be exactly the same as in the original text/sentence, it is still present that you rewrite but is acceptable not.”-True InfO


Text in your work can be cite d just like any other method text that you use.

Cite Your Own Content, If you are using content from your previous content, you must cite yourself.

Using content you have published before without citation is called self-plagiarism.


This is one of the most commonly used, you usually take the original Content and explain it in your own words (by using phrases with similar meaning).


–>My suggestion is Best to come up with unique content which is at-least Copyscape pass.

Be Happy With Unique Content| Grow With Digital world

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