What are on page SEO and off page SEO?

What are on page SEO?

On Page SEO: If you want to do search engine optimization of your website then On-Page SEO and off page SEO are the most important parts to rank your website better position on search engines.

On page optimization of your website is one of the essential steps towards better search engine optimization. On-page SEO help to optimize the website to rank high and generate relevant traffic to the website.

On-page search engine rankings relates to all the optimization of your website which includes page title,  meta description, Website Speed, URL structure, Content of your web page, internal linking within a website and contains, Site Map, Canonical URL, proper 404 erroradd the image with alt text, proper heading tags, proper keywords use and Mobile Responsiveness.
These factors work on the page of your website to improve your search engine rankings.

It is usually complemented with Off-Page SEO, which is based on building trustworthy inbound links to your site. this is most frequently called link building. On the page, search engine rankings of the website will help to avoid black hat techniques.

Some important of on-page SEO:

Content – It is the most important factor of on-page SEO. Optimize your content for better user experience. Also, it suggests that you should write quality content.

Page Title – Optimize your page titles with your main primary keywords.

Internal Linking – Link your pages to one and another to keep the user engaged.

Keyword Research – when people use keywords to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform content strategy or marketing strategy overall.

Meta Description – It should be short and attractive and should tell the user that all the details of the website.

URL Structure – Use search engine friendly URL to get fast ranking. Counting web crawler well-disposed URLs for each of your pages is exceptionally authorize, as these bring better notice.

Canonical URL – Add both versions of your website in webmaster i.e www version and non-www version.

Heading Tags – When writing your articles, you should break up your content into smaller sections & paragraphs to make it easier for people to read. These sections can give heading, which is where H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. tags to use.

Image Alt Tags: Tags are basically the words which help to search something. Search Engines can’t read the images, therefore the images need to give some alt tags, these image alt tags describe the image.

Robots.txt – Implement robots.txt to give instructions robots that how to crawl and index pages from the website.

Sitemap – Use Sitemap.xml to help search engine for better indexing of your websites and also create sitemap.html for users on the website.

404 error – Improve your website’s page and content to prevent 404 error.

Website Speed – Websites that load quickly have better engagement and conversation rates.

Responsive Design – Optimizing your website for mobile devices will not only prove to be beneficial to your SEO that everyone can visit your website with the mobile device.

Social Sharing Button – Use Social media share button on your web page.

on page seo off page seo

What is off page SEO?

Off-page, SEO is made up of a set of techniques to obtaining backlinks, which are external links that point to your web page in order to improve their organic positioning in the search engine search results pages.

Off-page search engine rankings focus on increasing the authority of your domain through the act of getting links from other websites. The off-page SEO factor is the number and quality of backlinks to your website.

Some process to get backlinks to your website are below:

Directory Submission – Submit your website and blog to some high authority directories which are having some quality over there.

Guest Post – Write Guest Articles on the high authority blogs which relate to your niche and then get the do-follow backlink from them.

Comment Backlinks – Do the comment backlinking on the sites which are relevant to your site and get them approved. For the approval, you need to ask some good questions or add something that is not there in the article on the site so the author might have all the eyes to approve your comment and respond back.

Social Profile Links – Create some top authority social profile links for your site. Go for the do-follow maximum times as they are the only one which will pass the link juice.

Social Sharing – Try to share your website genuinely on the social media websites.  Follow some, help some, comment on some queries so that people find you interesting.

Local Business Listing – Get your site list in the local business listings like Your Area’s Local Listing.

Business Listing – Not only get limit to local listing gets the site list to the top business listing sites.

Forum – Use the high authority forums, get sign up there and give 20–30 minutes daily there and do what I mentioned in Social Profile links that don’t just try to paste your link there get involved in the forums.

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