What is a Blog? All about Blogging, Types and Benefits

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What is a Blog?

A blog is a frequently updated online informational website or web page of magazine or journal or newsletters run by an individual or small group for anybody to read.

In simple words, a blog is a platform where you can share your Knowledge online to people all over the world through internet.

A blog is a short form for the word Weblog.

Nowadays most of the people creating blog as a source of income for long life.

We can find several web blogs being created by people every day. Because the answer is Just to earn money online from home.

A blog can be easily started with services like WordPressBlogger, etc.

Communication has been changing days by days, we can exchange our ideas through social networking sites, we can talk to or chat with our friends any time, and have fun.

You Get some Benefits by creating a Blog

  • You can Make money by Showing ads in your Blog.
  • By blog you can to show your talent in writing.
  • your presentation skill improve.
  • You can Express Yourself and Share Your Passions
  • your communication will be improved.
  • By sharing your knowledge increase.
  • your writing skill improve.

Differences between a website and a blog

Many people couldn’t find the difference between a website and a blog.

Here I will clear differentiation.

The difference between a website and a blog is that a blog is a specific type of content display on web pages of a website.

In simple words, a blog can be a website or part of a website. But all websites cannot be blogs.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a process of writing posting, linking, and sharing content online through a blog.

It is the action of maintaining a blog or it’s an act to write a blog.

You can also define it as a skill that one needs to run and control a blog.

The person who writes a blog is known as a Blogger.

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Blogging can help Your Business

Nowadays digital marketing agencies use this technique to generate traffic on their websites thereby, increasing the productivity of their business.

Blogging is one of the perfect ways to establish a brand voice, becoming recognizable to customers and growing loyalty.

A great blog can show that your brand has its own unique personality, has tons of interesting information to knowledge-drop, and is worth spending time with.

People with large-scale or medium-scale business depend highly on Blogging for promoting their business online.

Different types of Blogs

Personal Blog

The personal blog is an ongoing online diary or content written by an individual.

Its most common type of blogs.

Blogging is not just way of communicating and sharing, it is more than that.

Personal Blogs are commonly writing in the personal language and with emotional touch for friends and colleagues.

Corporate Blog

A blog corporate blog, share information about the organization, it’s culture or it’s strategies, purposes.

Niche Blog or Microblog

Niche Blog or Microblog is a blog for share fix type of stuff blog which provides information on a particular topic.

For like their niche is fixed it may be education, phones, Music, fashion, arts, web designs, sports, and thoughts.

Review Blog

It is a blog where a blogger share reviews about products like Mobiles, camera, and other products.

Here Readers of the blog can also give comments on the product reviews & Discuss more it.

Forum Blog

In this Blog, a blogger can share their thoughts about blogging and can discuss general blogging issues.

Here you can express things, ask questions, give answers, share how we can improve in blogging.

Collaborative Blogs or Group Blogs

It is a blog in which posts are written and published by more than one author.

The majority of high-profile collaborative blogs are based around a single uniting theme, such as politics, technology.

Blog structure

The appearance of blogs changed over time, and day by day blogs include different items.

But, most blogs include some standard features and structure. Here some common features are:

  • Header with navigation bar(menu bar).
  • The main content area with highlighted and blog posts.
  • Sidebar with social profiles, favorite content, or call-to-action
  • Footer with relevant links like the disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.

blog structure trueinfo


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